He Lives!!! …and stuff

Many moons ago, I let wordpress do it’s thing and the homepage broke. It’s been one hell of a year–what with my girlfriend being diagnosed with leukemia and spending a month in the hospital, the two of us moving 4 times, and absolute chaos in my family–there just hasn’t been much time to focus on this. But I’m hoping things are on the upswing, and frankly I need a hobby. So I am now back, and the site shall be a thing once again.

It should also be noted that the gf and I will be blogging together elsewhere. That little diddy is known as LoveInProgress.

See you all soon!

Much love,


Humble Indie Bundle 9

Humble Indie Bundle 9 debuted yesterday, and if you happen not to own a few of the games included, this is definitely a must buy. HIB 9 features Trine 2: The Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets: Munchies, Brütal Legend, FTL: Faster Than Light, and FEZ!

As per the norm, the bundle is separated into two tiers. There is a PWYW tier, which lands you all but FTL and FEZ, for any price you want! You will have to pay at least $1 if you want the steam keys, however.

The second tier is BTA, so at the time of this writing, beating the average of $4.54 would net you the whole collection.

It should be noted that it appears that you will need to BTA in order to get the as of yet added bonus games. Typically Humble gave you the bonuses as long as you paid $1 prior to them being added.

You also get the soundtracks for any of the games you unlock.

I’m Here

I procrastinate and waste a lot of time. I need to do something with this site. I have plenty of ideas, but maintaining interest and motivation is almost always a problem for me. That said, I’m working on this again. New inspiration. New things coming. See you soon.

Still Working…

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m still working on things, and trying out some ideas. I have many other things on my plate right now as well, but this site will be rolling along shortly. I will have a mailing list for updates on here soon, and there’s always my twitter.

Testing File Distro

Quick check to make sure things are okay with Amazon S3.

Simple text file download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/unconsciousco/documents/iamhappy.txt

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We’re Up …again

Hey all, just putting the site back up. Don’t worry, it’s not going to look like this, I haven’t put the theme up yet. Still a lot of work to do, but we’re way more on track then we were even 24 hours ago.

EDIT (7:46am): The theme is basically up. There is a lot of work that will done from this point, but the framework is pretty much all there now. Also, don’t mind things coming and going from the site for now. I’ll be testing a lot of things for the next few days.